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John L Sullivan American Bare-knuckle fighter


Inspired by the legendary bare-knuckle fighters of the past, Logan's of Lake Placid was created to serve the people of Lake Placid great lunch foods and to memorialize a nearly forgotten facet of our rich history. 

The sport as it is known today was originally popular in England as far back as 1681. 

The bravery and physical strength of these bare-knuckle fighters was unimaginable. These fighters might die due to injury or as a result of a match. It was not unusual for these fights to last a long time. 

The longest known fight was over 6 hours when James Kelly and Jonathan Smith fought near Fiery Creek in Australia on December 3rd, 1855. 

The fight lasted 17 rounds.

portrait of John Lawrence Sullivan American bare-knuckle boxer

John L. Sullivan Oct 15, 1858 - Feb 2nd, 1918

Dubbed the "Boston Strong Boy" John Lawrence Sullivan was an American boxer. He is recognized as the first heavyweight champion of gloved boxing and the last heavyweight champion of bare-knuckle boxing

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